Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Spoils from destressing

I've been shopping so much more than I ever did in my life. Shopping has become sort of a stress reliever for me ever since like after FYP and work started, ohnos. Good thing I still maintain my cheapo shopping style XD so I don't end up wasting too much money, even if I bought something I most probably wouldn't wear =-=
So perhaps in order to make myself feel better about shopping, I decided to make like a list so, I don't know, I can remind myself of the bargains I got? Haha self-delusional again.

Some of the following aren't exactly cheap, but I guess they're good enough for me (or maybe just at that point in time when I was most probably hungry or stressed out). Some items actually aren't really worth it, until you notice its original price...that's O.o like HUH?!
Anyway, so let's begin =D

Location: Bugis Street
Price: Think this was $9 (2 for $18, bought it with my evil twin who got the blue one)
Extremely comfortable, totally my style hahaha a little light coloured though, so I do wear a tank top inside.

Location: Pepper Plus (JP outlet)
Price: $15 (U.P. $32, yes, wth)
Very smooth material, thick enough not to wear innerwear yet very cooling. It's more of a minty green than the light blue seen in the photo.

Location: H&M
Price: $20 (U.P. $49.90, YES, SUPER WTH)
The H&M bag was too reflective I think...the shirt isn't that transparent...or maybe because it's black so I couldn't tell O.o this was sorta an impulsive buy when I was 1/3 tired, 1/3 hungry, 1/3 sian. It seemed like a good idea and good bargain (esp when the usual price is THAT high) then.

Location: some shop in JP
Price: $10
This is the back of the blouse, the slit is slightly low though but doesn't really matter if you have long hair and even if you don't, it isn't that low that it's unsightly or anything. A little transparent too, so I'm starting to be skeptical of this buy too =-=

Location: Expo warehouse sale (G2000 brand though)
Price: $29 (if I remember correctly)
I would say good buy hehs, although a little pricey but I think the original was $49 or something...

Bought a lot more than these of course, but lazy to actually lay them out to take pictures. The above pictures were all taken when I was pretty bored (and most probably had time). Maybe when I have time, I'll take pictures of more stuff I bought.

Work has been crazy. And it didn't help that I got so stressed last week that I nearly broke down. It isn't a nice experience to have almost everyone asking you questions and wanting something from you, especially when you are sometimes not in the position to give any answers either.

I'm still learning everyday. Bit by bit.
And frankly, it's the learning that keeps me going.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

It's all coming to an end

End of another period/section of life.

Tomorrow will be the last class I am gonna have ever. At least in a classroom setting as a student whose occupation is...a student. Cuz I bet I will have the chance for courses to upgrade skills and what not where I will also be in this kinda setting again but the feeling will never be the same. Think I'm already missing this before it's over.

Anyway, yay! There's an actual video out for "Cups" le~ woots!

In one month's time, I am gonna be outta here =D out of this little island. For a short break before getting back to life and all things serious. Totally looking forward to it as time goes on. The excitement that used to be there when we first booked those tickets was gone for a while as we all got back to our studies and own lives. But it's slowly coming back as the days come nearer ^^

To make this trip worthwhile and memorable, there are so many things I wanna do, but obviously there's the time and money issue. But the important thing is, I guess I really just gotta relax and let my hair down. This is what the trip is for. As a self-reward for the hard work for all these years...I need to keep telling myself that, yes. Hahaha suddenly I sound like I am deluding myself -.- anw, point is, I am planning to make some video/picture collage of sorta after I am back. Hopefully, I do get it done this time round, compared to previous Aussie trip for which I said I would wan to do something like that, but never did it.

For now, back to reality. And doing my best for everything.

Monday, March 4, 2013


It MUST take something epic for me to start writing haha ._. >.<

Was planning on writing a post (i've totally forgotten about wad) since my relatives went back. After they went back, I was busy for a period where I was doing some temporary jobs. Gotta save for my grad trip ya know. Then school started and some of the work continued and I nvr ever got to coming back here to write a post.

Now, maybe 2 hours ago, as usual I go on youtube and start linking here and there and arrived at frosty the snowman by uuuuuuuukewithme. Then in related videos there were many cups videos. This cups craze like just started recently and I realised that its due to this "Pitch Perfect" movie last year in 2012. Started hopping and I even found a Cimorelli version. N being me, I totally went off track, started looking at Cimorelli stuff rather than cups vids and zomg they have really gone very far since I first watched one of their videos I guess one or two years ago, I carn really remember. They have a VEVO account now O.o wow.

This video was posted in 2009 so I guess we can safely assume that they didn't jump onto the bandwagon with this recent craze thanks to the internet.

Cimorelli's EP, pretty nice song =)

Anyway, this cup song is really cool haha at least the multitasking skills of all those who've tried made me awed. I wanna try it in Europe haha in front of the Eiffel or Colosseum HAHA and record it or something. Recently having this crazy thought to record something in front of all these monuments I'll be going. Like really, when would I have a chance to do this again? Plus I most probably wouldn't be meeting all these strangers in those lands anytime in my life again so it's ok for me to act crazy and silly with my antics =D
My dream is coming true ^^

My latest obsession haha the Enneagram.....and I just realised that the Myers-Briggs personality types could also be applied into this Enneagram. I have already forgotten which type I am. But I do remember that it does change during your lifetime. While the Enneagram, its said that the personality type is inborn and thus doesn't change, because the type indicates the motivations you possess behind things and decisions you make in your life, so subtly on the outside you may change but your motivations remain the same.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Korea VS Singapore

Ohmien, bummer, the world didn’t end after all T.T boohoo, now I have to rly start getting down to work =-=

Still haven’t finished 49days T.T n relatives coming over soon, meaning I won’t have time for my project, longer meetups with friends, drama etc. haizzzzz n im running outta ideas of where to bring them. Think it’s sad that I can only gush about 49days here whenever I even make a post. Plus the fact that it isn’t useful for me to reminisce on in the future…other memories wld b better. So thought I’ll just randomly note down some differences between Korea and Singapore. Been almost a year since I got back, so I should quickly compare and contrast before everything is deleted from my RAM.


Korean food is spicier, more kick. Not in general but like the dishes that are spicy are really spicy, unlike certain dishes in sg which I find alright though they are SUPPOSED to be spicy. Then again, this is all up to personal preferences, cuz I got a pretty high spice threshold. And coming from someone who can take spicy stuff, when I say that Korean food is spicy, it really is. On the same point, they have NO chilli sauce. Nope. Soy sauce with chilli powder (if my guess is right…it was offered in my cafeteria) exists. They simply use 고추장 (gochujang) which is like erm spice in paste form? Used for kimchi, the stews etc.

There WAS very little bubble tea in Korea, but heard that there’s Gong Cha in Seoul somewhere now. I had to rely heavily on Dunkin’ Donuts’ bb tea which costs a bomb, like 3,500won for the hot one, almost equivalent to SGD4+ and it was a small cup!!! *cries* Oh and the locals don’t seem to like the pearls a lot…they drink alcohol (soju, maekju, makgeolli etc) and coffee heavily though. There’s like a coffee shop (not the hawker ctr kind, I shld call them cafes) every other few shops along the street where the youths hang out like Ewha, Hongdae. And you can always find shops called “chicken and beer” and the like lined along streets too.

I didn’t really realize but others pointed out that there were like no veggies. Kimchi is definitely present in every meal and there are leafy vegs for you to wrap your bbq meat and eat it their way.but like the normal cooked leafy veggies were nowhere to be found O.o and then there’s the case of the fruits being quite expensive. Strawberries should be ok when in season but otherwise, I heard they are expensive. Again, I didn’t realize this XD cuz I only gorged myself on bananas for my servings of fruits and I didn’t really think about the prices. Ohoh the grapes! They are pretty different. Got to eat some grapes at certain outings and gatherings, and the skin is pretty tough to chew and leaves a rough feel on your tongue, so you either just swallow after a few chews or perhaps throw them away, but I think that the skin should be the most nutritious one with all the antioxidants etc bah?

They provide water everywhere. Like in those home restaurants, there’s always a flask of water and cups for us, no need to specially ask for iced water. So a water bottle isn’t really necessary in Korea. In Singapore, some places might just even charge for iced water =-=

The best difference that Singaporeans would love is that in Korea they have free banchan반찬 or side dishes, which includes steamed egg (takes a while to arrive) and odeng or fishcake (my fav) and the absolutely necessary KIMCHI~ and……DRUMROLL………’s free flow!!! *beams* I haven’t come across a Korean stall in Singapore that really can compare to the side dishes offered in Korea, plus the fact its free flow. I think they are afraid that Singaporeans will really take advantage of this and bankrupt them. I think you can literally order a bowl of rice for like 500won (less than SGD1) and then eat with all the side dishes if you are really out of money for the day in Korea. And in Chinese restaurants in Singapore, they charge a lot for the peanuts =-=

Randomly insert some pictures taken at Manna Story in Singapore. They got free flow side dishes lah, but then for certain ones only (meaning those meat and more ex kind wont have free flow T.T)


Koreans are more respectful I guess. Actually I think that the use of honorifics in their language plays a big part as well. English doesn’t have honorifics so it’s just you and you, whereas for Korean, you have , 당신. French also has tu and vous. So it’s easier to sound disrespectful I guess. But for travelers who learnt their Korean phrases from dramas and happen to use the banmal 반말 version, they are mostly understanding. Unless you look very Korean, then I bet they’re gonna be super offended. They consider your age to determine if they will use banmal with you or not. But that was the only aspect I could witness. Sadly, I couldn’t really see for myself if their respect goes beyond words and encompasses their actions towards elders. Cuz I do know for a fact that the Burmese take actions very seriously too (usage of two hands, bowing the head, sitting at a lower level than elders etc for e.g.), duno if the Koreans surpass them or not.

They bring along their toothbrush and toothpaste everywhere they go and brush their teeth after every meal. They aren’t really super clean freaks. I asked a Korean friend and the answer I got was that because kimchi, garlic etc in their food usually will lead to bad breath and they didn’t want to be disrespectful to others. Sounds legit, no idea if that’s really the truth for all or not though heh heh.
Despite all the above that seem to suggest that they are really nice people who respect others tremendously, do not be fooled. On the streets, they often just knock into people and just brush it off, totally not bothering to say sorry as we most probably would in Singapore to stay out of trouble. Seems more prevalent in big cities where people are always in a rush. And oh man does it hurt sometimes.

Korea is super safe and they trust people a lot too. Again, I think this has to do with our culture. I keep recounting this incident in Busan where one hotteok seller has a pail full of money and expects customers to pay and collect their change (if any) on their own. Seriously, if this is in Singapore, I think the owner would have lost quite a lot of money, like people pay lesser than they should be paying or collect back more than the change they ought to get.


Very very convenient and very very confusing. I had an app that helped to determine which stops to transfer at and to transfer from which line to which, otherwise I most probably would be stuck for half a day staring at the subway map of Seoul. A LOT of lines. I’m afraid that’s what Singapore is gonna be like soon, if the leaked future MRT plans are any indication. Like there are 12 different routes one can take to get from point A to B. Honestly, I don’t see the point. Makes it confusing for not only the locals but also tourists. But I guess it doesn’t beat Australia. I remember that their trains at the same platform have different stopping points, so before you board you have to make sure that you are boarding one that DOES stop at where you wanna go, or you’ll end up staring at the station whiz past your window.

The buses and busstops are pretty awesome too. The busstops have like the route planned out, kinda similar to what is at Singapore’s bus stops now too. But the buses, wow. City buses read out the stop name in Korean and for certain important landmarks and stuff, in English as well. This in addition to the stop name scrolling across the screen at the front of the bus, similar to trans island buses in Singapore. Still called trans island hor? And the bus fare is like flat fare and you pay once you tap your card to board the bus. Oh yeah, they use ezlink card system too, except that the “cards” come in the form of cute handphone accessories too, shld be using NFC technology or sth I guess. You don’t have to tap when you alight, unless you are intending to board another bus after this in the same direction. Flat fare for the same direction. I asked my Korean friend before about this and apparently, you can change 3 buses in the same direction if I remember correctly (in my city at least, not sure about other cities).


There are those recycling bins everywhere, need you to separate your rubbish into the various types and dispose of them. When you see these bins almost everywhere I think it becomes a habit. Add that to the fact that the Koreans are doing it too, so as a foreigner you feel even more obliged to do so. They also clear up after themselves at fast food restaurants. NOT just school cafeterias. And Korea is considered pretty clean. I remember Sydney being terribly littered, and the strong winds didn’t help =-=

One thing I dislike about Korea is the cheap prices of cigarettes and the ease at which you can obtain them. They are sold in vending machines, for goodness sake. And frigging cheap. I think Singaporean smokers would find Korea a totally heavenly place. Now that I think of it, the reason they brush their teeth so much might also be because they are afraid the tobacco or wtv inside e cigarette would stain their teeth =-= erm.


Wow. I never expected this kinda reflection would be so long a post hahahah
maybe ill update this post again with photos taken in Korea when I have the time to spare.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Finally done with exams. Ok that was actually one week ago, but ohwells it feels lik just yesterday. Cuz I’ve been slacking my life away and with that I mean that I haven’t been watching any dramas/variety shows nor have I been doing my project (which I should). I’ve just been sleeping, lying in bed n helping with the painting of our walls for a bit.

BUT! I’ve finally finished up the whole of 응답하라 1997/Reply 1997. YAY! Now there’s still 49 days left. Arghz.

Hoya with the doggie cuz both are so cute ^^
Reply 1997 is ooooohhhhhh so good. So nostalgic since the flashbacks were based in the 90s, although the flashing forward and back and forth was a tad bit confusing at parts that I had to rewind and also rely on the deconstructing of the drama on dramabeans. I liked that the whole drama isn’t too focused on the love part, as in the love between lovers kinda love, but instead encompasses all kinds of love like the love of parents for their children, sibling love etc. And it even adds a twist with a guy-guy possible pairing which most viewers totally wouldn’t mind either, cuz it was so sweeeeettt =) Love the focus on family for several parts of the drama, carn stop my tears, no T.T *cries into pillow* for other dramas I’ll bawl my eyes out simply because the lead is also crying and I find the other lead so stupid for not doing _____ but for this drama, I end up tearing at parts where the characters are far from crying, just simply sharing their life stories. Like even though it was obvious that the dad doesn’t succumb to cancer or anything like that (we have already seen him alive and kicking in 2012), when he was diagnosed and all back in the 90s, still couldn’t help it at parts. AND the whole drama was so short! 16 episodes which in total I think around 16 hours at most only since each episode except for the last two were around 30-45 minutes long kind. It’s a “sitcom” after all.

Ok for more serious stuff.

Exams. Really regret taking certain mods instead of others I could have taken this sem. In comparison, the past year exam papers seem much easier, but then they always do, until u’re like ½ weeks away from the exams and trying the paper for urself, and then when u’re facing the paper on the actual D-Day itself. But then again, carn do anything to change anything. Split milk. Can only wipe up the mess and buy a new carton. Or just stave off milk.

21 December 2012 – That’s in 9 days. Carn even have xmas?! But seriously, when I do say that I wish for the world to end, sometimes I mean it. Cuz human beings don’t seem deserving of this planet. We are at each other’s throats all the time. But then again, who could help it? This is what competition does and what natural selection does I guess. But at times, you witness, experience stuff that literally “restores faith in humanity” only for it to be destroyed again once you turn your head away =-= 

On another note, it’s actually just a whiny me wanting to shrink responsibility from making big decisions and making my transition into official adulthood. Which I am not ready for. At all. Wanna run away from that. Studying in school really seems much much easier. Realizing that I have known certain friends for like almost 10 years and counting now really makes me feel OLDDDDD though I know 5 years down the road, I’ll look back and think that I was foolish then (2012) when I still wasn’t THAT old and should have been enjoying every moment of my life. Haiz. Cuz that’s exactly what I am doing now. Reminiscing (acc to google this seems to be the correct spelling, im puzzled and confused too) the “me” 5-10 years ago (not too far off from what the Reply 1997 characters did) and thinking how I should have not worried about random stuff but instead focus on enjoying myself like I could at that young age. Tsk tsk.

Wanna do something exciting but I never have the guts to do so and I end up focusing on what I can, studies and studies. Now I am wondering where all that led me. And if I’m actually doing anything productive in my life that I would actually like and be proud of it when I look back. I do like some of the stuff I’m learning and doing at the moment but not ALL of it and I do get my kick out of scoring well but that’s about it. I do not feel strongly about stuff I do, learn etc. N I dun think that’s gonna help me for any interviews. And as much as I want to prove to all those interviewers that actually those that had acted the part well most probably cannot do the actual work well when the time calls for it, I most probably cannot even get myself past the interviewing stage to do that. Your grades will only get you that far, to the interviewing round. Then when you are unable to adapt and show the interviewers a side of you (fake or real aside) they desire in a future employee, you are out of the game. N that’s one of the reasons I hate adulthood, the job, the career you’re supposed to have for life. N all that for what? Money to survive in this world. Not to do what you really like. Cuz sometimes stuff you love doesn’t pay well or isn’t even enough to get you and your family through daily life. So what’s the use? It’s like we work for happiness (wealth, stability) but in the process, we also discard our own happiness (doing what we really desire). Ironic and frustrating. Then again, this is just old me whining “it’s not fair” when actually I could get off my butt to do something about it. But I’m just afraid. I like stability and I do like where I am right now, though I do get unhappy if I think about the past and all the “what ifs”. But if I had made other choices in my life, who knows, I might still be hating that choice and perhaps regretting it even more. I could have not studied when I was younger and most probably now I would have lesser career choices. For some things, more means better and this is one of the things. You can never have too many choices. Sure you can have one hell of a headache deciding but that kinda suffering is better than being limited and left with no choice. Right now, in an act of rebellion, I’m having thoughts of highlighting my hair in different colors. Crazy thoughts that once again, I do not dare to carry out in action when I start to overthink and consider all the consequences I could face – possible rejections from jobs etc.

Maybe I should just stop thinking, and start doing, and living.

Saturday, September 15, 2012


Almost a month since I last posted anything. Got a few drafts of posts about food places and very cui food pictures but not yet ready. I shall compile, one fine day, then publish as one uber long and overwhelming post.

School. But not exactly heavy workload. I can handle it. And I am slacking quite a bit throughout the week so I wouldn't say that I am stressed about tt. The sources of my stress now and then is 1) when I come to the realisation of all the stuff that I should have started on/done, 2) when I wake up from random loooooonnnnnggggg naps (maybe they shouldn't be called naps) and feel damn angry with myself thinking about the stuff I could have accomplished in that same amount of time, 3) when I experience (1) or (2) and end up using a "Since I've done it, I should just continue down the road of destruction and despair" philosophy with the rest of my day and at the end of it, feel even angrier with myself. =-= Really boils down to my procrastination.

While procrastinating (like now), I feel happy until I feel pangs of (1) then the regret kicks in and then (3) and I go back to my procrastinating state =( what is this?!

That was just a random video I took at Changi Airport Terminal 1. To make this post less dull.
Its an art installation called "Kinetic Rain". I couldn't help but wonder what the code written for this is like.

Watched 2 more episodes of '49 days' as I figured that that would at least make it more worthwhile then watching and rewatching youtube MVs. That has become a habit for this year. I go online thinking I need to do some research or check my email and go onto youtube as well just to enjoy some music while I work. But I always end up watching the MVs that I have watched before - procrastination level 100.

'49 days' is just getting better and better. Everytime that awesome song plays in the background, I cry a bucket of tears T.T because the plot is so heart-wrenching at that point in time and the soulful melody and sad lyrics just pushes me off the cliff into my own ocean of tears. Now at the end of episode 10, we are left hanging with Jihyun wanting to give up the remaining of her 49days (around 28 days left I think) because she sees no hope and then suddenly she "magically" obtains a pure tear from someone who 100% truly madly deeply loves her. The audience is made to think its Hankang since the scene right before was focused on him. But I'd like to think it was someone else, as Hankang is a super possible candidate for the 3 tears mission and I would like to see Jihyun clear those harder targets first so that the last days would be more of a breeze. Bitter before sweet. But then again, seeing how dense Jihyun is, I think she might not know how to make Hankang's tears appear >.< *slaps forehead*

Ok, there. I feel much better ranting to a computer about my own procrastination while doing the act itself. What a hypocrite. And I feel even much better gushing about '49 days' to my computer =D I need to get back to work. Soon, heh heh.

Sunday, August 19, 2012


Been watching this drama "49 days" or "49일" these few days. Chanced upon this drama thanks to one of its OST songs that I heard on radio. Such a heart-wrenching song.
Synopsis or maybe just spoilers (since I'm like telling most of the story)::: 

Shin Ji Hyun is a princessy only child who is about to get married to her beloved boyfriend-cum-fiancé Kang Min Ho when she got into an unfortunate accident. This accident was somehow caused by a stranger Song Yi Kyung who has been living her life like a zombie for the past 5 years and tried to commit suicide but failed to do so and inadvertently caused a pile-up along the same road that Shin Ji Hyun had her accident later on. As it was not yet her time to die, the soul reaper or Scheduler as called in the drama gave her an option to try to stay alive (her body was comatose) by collecting 3 drops of PURE tears that prove a person's true love for her within 49 days. Some conditions were laid out though. She could not approach any people related by blood to her and she was to use Song Yi Kyung's body as a host (during her sleeping hours) to do what she needed to. As she had to earn what she wants to spend, Shin Ji Hyun (in Song Yi Kyung's body) took up a part-time job at her childhood friend Han Kang's cafe. Han Kang happens to have a huge crush on Shin Ji Hyun but have kept it under wraps and distanced himself from her as he is too late. Plus her fiancé Kang Min Ho is a hyung he met while studying abroad.

Initially, Shin Ji Hyun thought that it was going to be easy as she could find her fiancé as well as her two best friends, Shin In Jung and Park Seo Woo, for those 3 tears. But as the story unfolds, it turns out that it is not that easy after all as Shin In Jung has been going out with Kang Min Ho for a long time and was in cahoots with him in planning the downfall of Shin Ji Hyun's dad's company. Marrying her was part of the plan. It all gets more confusing as over time, both Kang Min Ho and Han Kang starts to fall in love with Shin Ji Hyun in Song Yi Kyung's body. Thing is, Shin Ji Hyun is trusting and dimwitted at best and so she is just basically very blur about all these although up to the point I have watched, it seems that she has come to realise that Kang Min Ho is falling in love with her/Song Yi Kyung.

L to R: Shin In Jung, Scheduler, Song Yi Kyung, Han Kang, Shin Ji Hyun, Kang Min Ho
HAHA this drama is super awesome. It isn't tear-jerking or anything (the characters do a lot of crying though, n its sorta making me numb). Each episode is around 1 hour or so and it isn't too draggy or too rushed, the timing is very nice and enough is covered each episode. AND I'VE ONLY WATCHED LIKE 8 EPISODES?! Compare this to Secret Garden hmpf, duno why I wasted my time watching SG was so draggy and the first part was boring. And yet people were raving about it =-= I think it's due to the cast members. SG has Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won, enough eye candy. 49 days has Nam Gyuri who is like a doll, and rightfully so, cause her plastic surgery is far too extensive =-= the female lead (Song Yi Kyung's body which has Shin Ji Hyun's soul in it) Lee Yo Won is not exactly very pretty. She's tall but I don't think she has a very attractive vibe and her shoulders are not very wide, not that it's not good but I think she will look nicer with wider shoulders...there is Jung Il Woo as the Scheduler but eh his nose looks plastic too. Jo Hyun Jae (as Han Kang) is not bad too but he feels old for me and I still think something somewhere must be fake haha, this nagging feeling that only Lee Yo Won is natural enough. And maybe the actor that played Shin Ji Hyun's dad, Shin Il Shik.

I think one of the reasons for this awesomeness is that the characters and their histories are rich and very interesting so the audience have a lot to look forward to each episode. Plus they have their little secrets here and there, their intertwining lives and the whole soul and body belonging to different people thing going on. Damn good scriptwriters. Perhaps this kinda drama works for me - where the first episode seems to start from a certain point in the characters' lives and there are stuff to catch up on, instead of dramas where the audience experience things together with the characters at the same time and there is no secrets or flashbacks to indulge in. Sometimes when there are too many flashbacks it starts to get irritating but not for this drama, because as predictable as some of the flashbacks do get, they fit in nicely with the flow of the drama and thus, no complaints. I need to say it again, DAMN GOOD SCRIPTWRITERS.

I just realised that Secret Garden, 49 days and City Hunter were screened in this chronological order, no overlap. And yet all I heard people raving about was Secret Garden and City Hunter =-= WHY 왜왜왜? I haven't watched City Hunter yet, but I think that 49 days is quite tough to beat with regards to its plot. For the acting, Lee Yo Won is doing a decent job acting as Song Yi Kyung in her zombie-like state as well as the bubbly but dimwitted-at-times crybaby Shin Ji Hyun (albeit still in Song Yi Kyung's body). These two characters have such different personalities haha but Shin Ji Hyun in both her own body and Song Yi Kyung's never fails to make me irritated. Cuz I don't find her antics cute and I hate her crying for almost anything. But I don't hate her haha just irritated, that's all. Up to this point, I do not hate any of the characters though I do dislike some of them for the bad stuff they have done (Kang Min Ho and Shin In Jung) but the scriptwriters are doing a good job making them have reasons for their "evilness" and thus the audience would most probably empathise with them instead of hating any character to the core.

Moral-of-the-story wise, 49 days is showing us the reality of life. Your so-called true friends may not be what they seem and it would take another besides you (or maybe just a different body) to figure that out because some people are just so god damn good in acting. It is a bit sad to think that if there are less than 3 people who truly loves you, your life isn't worth living. I love it when a drama or movie depicts life the sucky way it is and not sugarcoat it and just put in standard bickering and soap drama plots.

If only it was possible to tell if someone really loves you.